Top 10 Chinese New Year desserts

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The lunar New Year or Chinese New Year is probably the largest celebrated festival in the world today. You can celebrate Chinese New Year festivities from Sydney to Seattle and everywhere in between. Even in places without regular public festivities, many locals are at home quietly watching some of these festivals. You may be surprised to find the Chinese New Year festivals celebrated in your own backyard.

With so many people in America today have Chinese ancestry, Chinese New Year has also become a very popular theme for wedding decorations. You will be amazed by all the traditional Chinese New Year decorations available to you in stores today.

Chinese New Year Celebration

Many Chinese New Year’s celebrations are marked by an outdoor bonfire. Often decorated with candles, it will mark the beginning of new life. It is believed that the flames of a bonfire bring good luck and good health to its owner.

Another tradition is for the family to decorate their houses for Chinese New Year’s Day. Often times, it is the women who decorate. They put up paper lanterns in their windows. Traditionally, these are used to help see to the wishes of the new year.

For other people’s homes, they use Chinese New Years’ trees to celebrate. The Chinese New Year’s tree is the symbol of good luck and good health. In Chinese culture, the tree is considered to be a symbol of immortality and longevity.

When you are celebrating Chinese New Year, you should also be eating traditional Chinese foods. These foods include noodles and rice, which are a big part of Chinese food history. There are many Chinese restaurants in America today that offer great Chinese food. Many Chinese New Year’s dinners can involve Chinese rice cakes as part of the menu.One of the best ways to enjoy Chinese food is to make it yourself. This is an opportunity to learn about Chinese cooking. You can make some wonderful Chinese food in your own kitchen.

Chinese New Year Celebrations are fun and interesting to attend. There are many different ways to celebrate Chinese New Years, but the best one is to just sit back and enjoy the special traditions of this festival.

The biggest problem for people attending Chinese New Year celebrations is finding somewhere to eat. Fortunately, you have several options. You can eat at local restaurants or Chinese food restaurants. Or you could have a Chinese New Year dinner party, where you serve the food at your home. You can have Chinese food like soups, salads, stir-fries, steaks, and other Chinese favorites. Chinese food is usually very healthy and tastes wonderful.

Top 10 Chinese New Year desserts

Here are some chinese new year desserts

Nian Gao

Made of sticky glutinous rice or yellow rice, nian gao is a sweet treat that can be found at almost every Chinese household during the Spring Festival. Serving it during the Chinese New Year expresses wishes to be successful in the years to come.

Fa Gao
In most Chinese New Year desserts, the “gao” is a wish for prosperity. With fa gao, the “fa” expresses the desire for gaining wealth or making a fortune.

Turnip Cake

This savory cake is also among the most commonly served Chinese New Year desserts. Popular in the southern provinces of Guangdong and Fujian, the turnip cake is mainly made out of shredded Chinese radish. Other ingredients include rice flour and various flavoring. Additionally, you may opt to add bits of food like sausages, dried shrimp, shiitake, or peanuts.

Osmanthus Jelly

The Chinese are fond of infusing flower petals to their desserts such as the sweet osmanthus jelly – another staple treat during the Spring Festival. In Chinese culture, the osmanthus symbolizes auspiciousness, friendship, and success. Simply based on this representation, it’s no wonder the osmanthus jelly is one of the most popular Chinese New Year desserts!

Jujube Flower Cake

The jujube flower cake is a dessert made with a popular Chinese fruit as its main ingredient. When making jujube flower cake, it is best that you pick the meatiest jujube fruits and wrap them with dough.  These cakes are typically multi-tiered, but you can also choose to go with simply molding dough into the shape of a flower and just pressing a jujube fruit in the middle of each petal.

Ai Wo-Wo

Also referred to as “steamed rice cake with sweet stuffing,” ai wo-wo is another one of those chinese new year desserts with glutinous rice as the primary ingredient.What sets it apart from the other sweet Chinese treats is its texture. The mixture of dough made of steamed rice powder and glutinous rice makes ai wo-wo look like freshly fallen snow!

Southern rice balls

Customarily eaten as the first breakfast of the New Year in the regions of Jiangsu and Shanghai, these rice balls are boiled before being served in hot water. These sweets have mouth-watering fillings made of common sweet ingredients like red bean paste, black sesame, melted sugar, peanut paste, and even jujube.


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