Nugget of Reflection

We must inspire ourselves by believing we have the power to accomplish everything we set out to do. -Iyanla Vanzant

Super great weekend filled with lots of triathlon races going on all over the world! Inspiration at its finest. This weekend, my hubby and I did a 2 mile open water USMS race in Napa Valley at Lake Berryessa with our masters team, and then topped it off with date night. Today we did a nice long run with some fartleck-like aspects for speed . However, all that fun was not without keeping an eye on all the amazing races going on all over the county and world. Time and time again, I am utterly impressed and inspired by what the human body and spirit/attitude can accomplish.  BUT, If there is one thing I have observed from elite, professional, AG’s, and recreational athletes is that the power to humbly, confidently, assuredly, and fearlessly believe in yourself produces a spirit and a light that can overcome any mental and physical barrier that you “perceive” to be. At that point you become aware that your fears and limits are all just an illusion….

Keep reaching for your peak and let your light shine my friends!


Published by

Dr. Gloria Petruzzelli

Dr. Petruzzelli is sport and performance psychologist and mindfulness meditation teacher located in Sacramento, California and works with elite sport teams and athletes across the country. She is competitive athlete herself and enjoys practicing what she preaches.

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